Job Searching Prior to Graduation — A Preemptive Strike, or a Naive Blunder?

I’m rolling up my sleeves to begin my next job search.  The process is in equal part exciting and exhausting.  How do I avoid leaving my current employers in the lurch? When do I tell them I’m planning to depart–do I even know if I WILL depart? How long is the interview process for my dream job? How do I tailor my resumes and cover letters to suit prospective employers? Before getting too ahead of myself, what is the interview process even like, and how should I prepare for it? And what’s a diversity statement anyway???

Transitioning to the world of higher education from student to faculty is a truly daunting process, and while I stew about how to press forward, I can’t help getting caught in a web of doubt, uncertainty, and a strong dose of Imposter Syndrome.  It’s especially tricky when I live within ten miles of two accredited universities churning out future information professionals like me.  It’s a tight market in Michigan, and a long shot to apply for a well-paid position out of state, even if it’s an entry level position.

I’m determined to give this next stage of professional development my absolute all…I’ve worked hard to get where I am today (as evidenced by my notable absence from this blog–Earning Magna Cum Laude status as a Grad student required my full attention!)

I suppose time will tell how my personal journey unfolds as I rapidly approach graduation in Fall 2019. If I can get a job lined up by then, I think I’ll be in good shape!

If you’re an Information Science student that’s in a similar position; trying to balance your focus in finalizing your education, appeasing your current employers, and tying your shoelaces to join the job-searching rat race, here are some articles I found useful in my initial research for the pre-graduate job hunt:

“You’re 5x More Likely to Get a Job Interview If You Apply by 10am”

3 Steps to a Perfect Informational Interview

Editorial: What Not to Do When Applying for Library Jobs – In the Library with the Lead Pipe

Diversity Statement advice

Academic Interview Process | Round Tables

5 Ways to Test-Drive a New Career – The Muse

Letters to a Young Librarian: The Full-Day Academic Library Interview, From a First Timer’s Perspective, Part 1, by Alex Barton

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